Alexa Vega Oscar Tiye Malikah Sandals

In 2013 NCLP ALMA Awards, Alexa Vega was very assertive. Her red high slits dress was deep decolleted at the same time. She was entirely in red from top to feet in Oscar Tiye suede shoes. Not only her dress was a different style but also her Malikah model sandals. Malikah is one of the model of Oscar Tiye which is designed for the women who wants really elegant with its 110 mm heel and significance of it; the angel wings coming from the black of ankle to straps. Even if Alexa Vega was in a so assertive look with her choices but she caught the balance by applying clear toenail polishes and wearing just a diamond ring and a gold bracelet.

Celebrity Name: Alexa Vega
Where: In 2013 NCLP ALMA Awards
Brand: Oscar Tiye
Shoe Model: Malikah
Style: Sandals
Details: Suede, Open Toe, High Heels, Ankle-Strap, Spring 2013 Collection
Colors: Red
Heel Height: 110 mm / 4.5 inches
Made In: Italy

Who else wore these shoes; Oscar Tiye Malikah Sandals